Our Technology
Cutting Edge Radiation Treatment Technology

TrueBeam® Radiation Technology

Our center provides the most advanced, cutting edge radiation treatment technology with the TrueBeam Linear Accelerator.  Created by Varian Medical Systems, the True Beam is Varian’s latest and most cutting edge technology.  The state-of-the-art Truebeam linear accelerator offers superior treatment delivery accuracy and allows for faster and more precise radiation therapy treatments.

The True Beam provides a variety of treatment techniques, including the most innovative Rapid Arc technology.  This technology allows for more precise targeting of your cancer while minimizing radiation to healthy surrounding tissues and organs.  With the TrueBeam your radiation treatment will be delivered with unparalleled precision and accuracy, while allowing for a more comfortable experience with shorter treatment times and quieter operation. 

Our Technology:

  • Sub-millimeter precision and accuracy
  • Advanced Image Guidance technology: imaging techniques are used during each treatment session to assure accurate delivery of radiation and decrease radiation exposure to normal surrounding tissue
  • Safety and patient comfort: our technology has built-in patient safety features and features that optimize patient comfort throughout their radiation session
  • Faster treatments without compromise for quality: the True Beam is designed to provide faster treatment delivery while maintaining high quality radiotherapy
  • Flexible treatment options: the TrueBeam provides a variety of advanced treatment techniques to address a wide range of cancer cases
  • Enhanced communication technology enables improved communication between the patient and our therapists if needed during treatment
  • Motion tracking: for tumors that move with respiration, TrueBeam offers Gated RapidArc radiotherapy, which makes it possible to monitor the patients breathing during treatment and compensate for tumor motion as the radiation machine delivers treatment through a rotational arc