Radiation Oncology Team

Meet the Radiation Oncology Team

Your radiation oncologist is the physician doctors who will oversee your radiation therapy treatments. Your physician will work with the other members of the radiation therapy team to develop your treatment plan and ensure that each treatment is given accurately.  You will meet with your physician at least once a week, who will be monitoring your progress throughout treatment.  

Before, during and after your radiation therapy treatments, your radiation oncologist works closely with your other cancer doctors, such as medical oncologists and surgeons.

Radiation oncologists have completed at least four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of general medical training, and four years of residency or specialty training in radiation oncology. They have extensive training in cancer medicine and the safe use of radiation to treat disease. 

All of the physicians here at Premier Radiation Oncology Associates have passed rigorous board examinations, both oral and written tests, and are nationally board certified

Radiation oncology nurses and our medical assistants work together with your physician and radiation therapists to care for you and your family during your radiation treatments. They will explain the possible side effects you may experience and describe how you can manage them. They will assess how you are doing throughout treatment and will help you cope with the changes you may experience. They will also provide support and counseling to you and your family.

Radiation therapists work with radiation oncologists to administer the daily radiation treatment under the doctor’s prescription and supervision. Radiation therapists go through a two- to four-year educational program following high school or college. They take a special examination and may be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. In addition, many states require radiation therapists to be licensed. 

We have 5 therapists at Premier Radiation Oncology Associates, and all of them are licensed with the state of Florida.  All of our therapists have at least 7 years of clinical experience treating cancer patients.

Qualified medical radiation physicists work directly with the radiation oncologist during treatment planning and delivery. They oversee the work of the dosimetrist and help ensure that complex treatments are properly tailored for each patient. Medical physicists are responsible for developing and directing quality control programs for equipment and procedures. Their responsibility also includes making sure the equipment works properly by taking precise measurements of the radiation beam and performing other safety tests on a regular basis.

We have 2 excellent medical physicists here at Premier Radiation Oncology Associates who work closely with the physicians in planning out patient treatment plans.

Here at Premier we have the latest, state-of-the art, treatment planning systems. Our Dosimetrists work to develop a number of treatment plans that can best treat your cancer while sparing the normal surrounding tissue. Since treatment plans are often very complex, dosimetrists work with the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist to choose the treatment plan that is right for you. Our dosimetrists are certified by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board.

We have 2 dosimetrists at Premier Radiation Oncology Associates with a combined experience of over 30 years.

You may work with a number of other healthcare professionals while undergoing radiation therapy. These specialists ensure that all of your physical and psychological needs are met during your treatment.

Premier Radiation Oncology Associates works closely with the BayCare Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS) counselors who are available to provide a variety of supportive services to you and your family. They can provide counseling to help you and your family cope with the diagnosis of cancer and with your treatment.